Friday, November 30, 2007


I got booted from a film set today. That's frustrating.

I was working on a Tutorial for and found out that all free NLEs do not support multiple video channels. That's frustrating.

I want to help people make movies but I get kicked off sets and run into software limitations. That's frustrating.

So what should I do with my time? I should edit some past projects that have yet to be completed, but I don't want to. That's frustrating.

I've got a book to write, but it's practically in revision mode right now so there's not much I can do. That's frustrating.

I guess today, this afternoon, is just one of those moments in life where you feel completely incapable of moving forward. It's like I've landed on "Go to Jail" and have to wait until I roll doubles. That's frustrating.

More than frustration, however, is the overwhelming feeling of weariness. I feel spent. Drained. And guess what? That's frustrating.


~Luke Holzmann

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