Thursday, June 12, 2008

The News

Brittany called me at about 8:50 this morning at work.

"Guess what."

She got a call from the adoption agency.

"How many were you looking to adopt?"

Brittany replied, "We're looking at up to three."

"You're not going to believe this..."

Turns out that a sibling group of three just became available. They are a little older than we have been thinking, but if these are our kids, then great! What's more: There are two girls and a boy. And they look "very Russian". In a country that is 80% Asian, the 3-5 year-old girl has blue eyes.

We're supposed to get pictures tomorrow.

Thrilled and Terrified

And I was supposed to work after that.

What's crazy is that we are getting a referral, of sorts, and we haven't even completed the paperwork for the US yet. So there are still a ton of things that need to come together. I need to get hired at a company that will give me health insurance (have to have that before we can move forward), we need to complete the Dossier, and then we're really moving.

Over the past two weeks, I've been really stressed out, frustrated, and even a little depressed because I've been stuck at health insurance. We were flying through the process right into a brick wall.

Health Insurance

So yesterday I felt like I couldn't do anything, like I was completely stuck until the health insurance worked out.

Today proved that wrong. I could do something. I could get excited.

~Luke Holzmann


Dave said...

Do you really have to have "Health Insurance" - paid for by an employer? What about an HSA? (Health Savings Account) It would let you save up and pay for most health-related expenses pre-tax, and cover you for catastrophic expenses.

That's what we've got now. It's less expensive, and gives us a lot more freedom, while covering us if our health-world caves in on us.

Just a thought.

Luke said...


We have to have a letter saying the kids will be covered... so, yes. An HSA, as potentially cool as that would be, won't cut it for the paperwork. However, we may switch to the in the future depending on how things roll.

Thanks for the tip. We're always looking for more ideas.


Henry Cate said...

Wow, that is exciting.

We've been doing foster care for eight months. We had to fill out over an inch of paper work, so I have some sympathy.

Best of luck.

Luke said...


Thanks so much!


Scott said...

That's awesome! Thanks for stopping by the blog today, spending some time, and leaving comments...

Natalie Witcher said...

Everything will work out especially if GOD wants you to have those munchkins! Thanks for stopping by!

Sprittibee said...

Man, that health insurance graphic really "hits" home. Congrats on your expectant fatherhood. Thanks for stopping by to comment - and yes, I agree that Blogging is about getting to know others. You and your beauty are quite a cute couple. I pray you'll have many happy parenting days ahead!

God bless.

Luke said...

Thanks everyone! We appreciate your encouragement and prayers.